Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do you get your wool?

We ethically source all our fiber and are currently in partnership with a local Alpaca farm that lovingly cares for thirty-five furry friends. 

2. What kind of wool do you sell?

In addition to Alpaca, we also offer Merino, Silk, Corriedale, and other domestic wool top.  

3. Does shearing the wool harm the animal?

Absolutely not. We are HUGE supporters of animal rights and go to great lengths to ensure we work with farms who care about their animals as much as we do. 

4. How much wool do I need to complete my project?

Multiply the length by the width (in inches) and divide by 350. 

Blanket 25 x 30 - 2 lbs

Blanket 30 x 45 - 4 lbs

Blanket 35 x 60 - 6 lbs

Blanket 50 x 60 - 8 lbs

Blanket 55 x 70 - 10 lbs

Blanket 62 x 74 - 12 lbs

5. Does the wool felt?

Yes. Wool fiber has microscopic scales along its surface. When the fibers are shocked by temperature and rubbing the scales lift up and as the fibers rub against each other they lock down on nearby fibers and form a tight mass to form felt.

6. Is this wool ready to knit?

You bet! All our wool is delivered strait to you ready to use.

7. How do I care for my product? 

Dry clean only.

8. How many yards are in a pound of wool?

Approximately 22 to 24 yards. 

9. How long do dryer balls last?

1000+ loads. They can easily last five years or longer.

10. How many dryer balls do I need?

Three for small loads, six for regular size loads and nine for extra-large loads.

11. Do I need a softener sheet with the dryer ball? 

Nope! Dryer balls replace the need for chemical-filled dryer sheets.

12. Can I add essential oils to my dryer balls? 

Yep! Simply place a couple drops directly on the dryer ball. Placing the dryer ball in a zip loc bag will help the scent to permeate through the ball. You can also inject the scent into the ball with a needle.

13. What is your lead time?

Lead times vary depending on the product, and are generally between 2 - 4 weeks while some items may be shipped the next day. Please contact us for information specific to your item(s) of interest. Lead times begin with receipt of payment and finalization of order details.